It has been less then twenty years since the plague was finally cured. It had lasted for nearly one hundred years.

A hundred and twenty years ago, the land was divided. War spread across the land. The rulers of the cities called barons, lords, dukes, kings, and what ever else the rich called themselves, came together to form a united land, and named it Amestris, after some forty years had passed and nearly half of the lands population had been eradicated. Each city’s ruler became part of a council, which divided the responsibilities into four areas, The North, West, East, South, respectivily. It was not long before they realised that they could not agree, even during those stressful times.
A central government was created. The central area, which used to be called the neutral zone due to housing refuges from all of Amestris, who had fled from the villages during the wars that raged, was rebuilt into the capital of this new nation. Central City was errected in the middle, which now housed representatives from all of the nations.

For a time cooperation was possible. However, even in this unified land, this neutral ground, complete unification seemed impossible. So they ellected one person, the Fuhrer. This person had the final word in any matter, and regardless of the other delegates voted, his word was law.

Alchemists had already concluded that this disease was more then any regular illness they had been discovered previously. It carried distinct magical properties. The disease was named Morsus Adeptus, Flying Doom, after a mythical war lord.

Little is known of the history of the world prior to the Morsus Adeptus.

In the present the Amestris union is surviving. The Fuhrer is slowly becoming a figurehead, and most of the real power is rumoured to lie in the delegates, and their backers, the lines of dukes, barons, kings, and lords.

For the most part, things are peaceful. However, there are rumours saying that the Morsus Adeptus was never actually cured, that it simply vanished… Or was made to vanish.


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